We were on TikTok!

Last week OBGYN, Author and Educator Dr. Jennifer Lincoln shared some clips on her social media channels demonstrating a forceps delivery with our Lucy and Lucy’s Mum Instrumental Delivery Birth Simulator.

We are absolutely blown away by the response. 30 Million people around the world watched the video and 30 thousand left comments with questions, concerns or stories of their own experiences.

Typically, our simulators are used in a university or hospital setting, which means they rarely get seen by anyone not in the industry. To see our products used to demystify and educate the general public on such a broad scale was amazing for us to see.

Our products were created to help save the lives of mothers and babies, if they can also be used to help future mothers feel more prepared or better understand their options, we could not be happier.

A massive thank you to Dr. Jennifer Lincoln for introducing Lucy and Lucy’s Mum to an entirely new audience!

You can see more posts below and click through to see more of Dr. Jennifers amazing and educational content.

@drjenniferlincoln OBGYN shows a forceps delivery! Once again @Paradigm Medical Systems for the sim model win. #birth #birthtok #obgyn #medicalsimulation ♬ original sound - Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

Continuing the Discussion

This follow up video was posted after the first went viral. It gave Dr. Jennifer Lincoln the opportunity to follow up on some of the most common questions and concerns.

@drjenniferlincoln That time 30 million of you learned what forceps were! Let’s talk about ittttt…. #obgyn #pregnancy #medicalsimulation ♬ original sound - Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

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Also check out this other amazing clip, with a demonstration on a vacuum-assisted birth using Lucy and Lucy’s Mum.

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