I know that Simulation Centre Managers are a vital part of medical or training-based organisation. Not only do I oversee the operation and maintenance of existing training equipment, but I must also be on the lookout for the latest technology to ensure our simulations perform to the highest possible standard.

There are three goals that can make me a first-class Simulation Centre Manager:

  • Constant improvement
  • Refinement of process
  • A steady increase in knowledge

I recognise that these three ideas are central to both the skill set and the implementation of effective and accurate simulations.

Am I achieving these goals?

At MODEL-med, we strive to design our simulators with real world application in mind. As we talk to more professionals in the simulation industry, we too have been able to improve and refine our products.

How do MODEL-med products make you a better Simulation Centre Manager?

ModelMed Simulator

Our products are reliable:
A MODEL-med simulator is designed to withstand repeated use and be long lasting. Reliable hardware ensures minimal disruption, leaving you time to move onto the next task.

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Efficient setup and clean up:
When working across multiple departments, time is of the essence. Our simulators can be set up in seconds and cleaned up in minutes. With only so many hours in the day, efficiency is vital.

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ModelMed Simulator
ModelMed Simulator

We provide all the training you need:
We have produced step by step videos and training manuals on how to setup, operate and clean up our simulators.

Giving you the tools you need to deliver effective and efficient training.

See our training videos.

Sim centre staff are a crucial link in the education of their colleagues within the modern medical system. At MODEL-med we see the Simulation Centre Manager as one of our primary points at focus.

It is through their management of the simulation methodology that knowledge can steadily increase, processes can be refined, and steady improvement is constant.

Our range of obstetric, midwifery, and gynaecological simulators offer Simulation Centre Managers the perfect synergy of simple yet elegant products that are super quick to setup and just as quick to clean up.

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