I know that Midwives are critical in providing care for women during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. A Mother in my care will look to me for information, encouragement, and support, which means that I always need to be calm under pressure and capable of critical thinking when things don’t go to plan.

There are three goals that can make me a first-class Midwife:

  • The ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Be capable of critical thinking in high intensity or emergency situations
  • Confidence in my own ability

I recognise these three ideas are critical to getting the best patient outcomes.

How can I achieve these goals?

At MODEL-med we ask ourselves, “How can we help midwives be better at what they do?”

Our answer is to supply simulators for obstetrics, midwifery and gynaecology that enable the midwife to develop and enhance their skills.

How do MODEL-med products make you a better Midwife?

Better Nurse Example

Improved skills and knowledge:
Using MODEL-med simulators can allow a midwife to practice and hone their skills in a controlled environment, leading to improved knowledge and confidence when caring for patients in the real world.

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Safe learning environment:
Simulation allows midwives to learn and practice new techniques and procedures without the risk of harm to real patients. This can be especially beneficial when learning complex or high-stakes procedures.

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Better Nurse Example
Better Nurse Example

Improved patient outcomes:
By improving their skills and knowledge through simulation, midwives are able to provide better care to their patients, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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Midwives are highly skilled and valued members of the healthcare team, playing a crucial role in the care of expectant mothers and their newborns. They are respected and admired for their knowledge and expertise, and are often called upon to mentor and teach other midwives.

As a result, the profession of midwifery is able to perpetuate and build upon its collective wisdom and experience, ensuring that future generations of midwives can provide the highest quality care.

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