Being an educator in the field of obstetrics, midwifery or gynaecology can be a challenging task. Not only to do I need to provide a safe and controlled learning environment, but I also need to prepare my learners to deal with high-stakes emergency situations that require quick and critical thinking.

Although the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology require a deep theoretical knowledge, at their core they are hands-on specialties. This makes practical learning vital in giving my students the ability to prepare for real-world situations.

How can MODEL-med simulators help me achieve this?

1: Provide a safe learning environment
MODEL-med simulators allow learners to practice a wide range of procedures in a safe and controlled environment, without any risk to real-world patients.

When a clinician makes a critical error during a simulation, it provides an opportunity for feedback and development.

2: Provide accurate and practical demonstrations
We put a lot of effort into making our MODEL-med simulators look and feel as real as possible which aids in creating a sense of immersion.

It’s not uncommon to see the use of dolls or videos in education sessions, which although can be useful in explaining the theory, fall short when you are looking to provide a practical or interactive demonstration.


3: Help learners develop their confidence
MODEL-med simulators can be used to simulate everything from a standard birth to a more complex diagnostic or emergency situation.

Our simulators are designed to introduce variation, which is beneficial for helping develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

4: Allows for standardized evaluation and assessment
You can use a MODEL-med simulator to assess a learner’s competency and evaluate their hands on abilities.

This can provide a valuable opportunity to provide further training where you feel it may be required.

5: Helps you keep staff up-to-date
The fields of obstetrics, midwifery or gynaecology are forever evolving. MODEL-med simulators give you the ability to provide in-service training to experienced practitioners so they may update their knowledge or learn a new procedure.

It can also give them the ability to trial a new product prior to it being introduced to a clinical setting.

If you are part of a university or work in an educational capacity, we can answer any questions you have on how our simulators could better assist you in what you do.