Irrespective of the job or industry, everybody at some point is going to make a mistake.

We have all at some stage in our careers been compromised when under pressure or feeling overwhelmed, especially when learning the ropes.

Although learning from your mistakes is a valuable skill; when working in Obstetrics, Midwifery or Gynaecology, mistakes can also have very serious consequences for your patient.

How do MODEL-med simulators help you mitigate mistakes?

MODEL-med simulators can help avoid impact on patients by providing a risk-free environment for medical practitioners to practice and develop their skills.

Some of the common issues that can be addressed through MODEL-med simulators include:

Medical errors:
Simulation allows medical practitioners to practice and learn from their mistakes without causing harm to mothers or babies. It also gives educators the ability to give constructive criticism or make corrections prior to the learner being with a real patient.

Lack of experience:
MODEL-med simulators can provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to gain experience in managing different birth scenarios, such as breech birth or postpartum haemorrhage, that may not be encountered frequently in clinical practice.

Communication breakdown:
Communication breakdown among healthcare professionals can lead to adverse events during childbirth. Simulating high risk or stressful situations can help improve communication skills and teamwork.

Stress and anxiety:
Birth practitioners may experience high levels of stress and anxiety in high-risk deliveries. Simulation can help medical professionals feel more prepared and give them confidence in their abilities.


In summary, simulation can mitigate common issues in birth practice by providing medical practitioners with an opportunity to practice and improve their skills, gain experience in managing complicated birth scenarios, improve communication and teamwork, receive adequate training, and reduce stress and anxiety.

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